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◆Tony Levin Interview

We (Tony Levin Club of Japan) attended the California Guitar Trio + Tony Levin show at Billboard Live Osaka Jan. 24th 2012. Thankfully, as always, Tony accepted our interview after the show.(翻訳はすぐ下にあります)

Tony: First, let me say hello to the fans in Japan, and give a big thanks for, as always, caring about the music I am part of. It means a lot to me.

TLClub: The new CGT album contains "Ave Maria". How did it feel like playing cello for a classical work, which is something you have not done for a long time?

Tony: It was a big pleasure for me to even be asked to play on that piece. The Trio did not ask me specifically to play the cello, just to play the melody on the piece. But for me it was clear that the cello would be better than the bass, so I could change octaves on the repeat, and anyway it's a beautiful sounding instrument.
For bass players like me, it's not so easy changing to cello - though it might seem very similar to people not playing it. It's not just smaller, but the tuning (in 5ths) is different, and the "margin of error" to play in tune is smaller (we bassists have the easiest time with that with the big string length.) Also, for Classical, the vibrato is done a little differently, you would hardly hear a 'bass vibrato' if it wasn't adjusted.
I'm lucky to have a great cello, also made by NS - like the NS bass I play. I had played it live with Peter Gabriel, on "Signal to Noise" and recorded with it some on my Stick Man CD. But to play this piece well, I had to practice on it A LOT. I am guessing that I spent more time on that simple melody recording than on any track I've ever played - I was surprised at how many ways I could make it sound wrong! But it wasn't 'work' at all, I loved every minute of it. And I'm happy with the way it came out - could be better, of course, but the main goal I had was to do a decent version of the very well known melody, that wouldn't be an embarassment to me, and to have fun doing it. Now, the next challenge will be to play it live with the Trio. It turns out that, though I am ready to do that, they haven't practiced the piece (because, of course, they can't do it without someone playing the melody, and they usually tour alone - so we didn't try to do it on this trip to Japan. Sometime in the coming year, though, I am pretty sure we'll get the chance -- I expect that I will be nervous about it, but it will be a great challenge.

TLClub: Nowadays, it's not necessary for the musicians to get togather in a studio for a recording. Has this situation weakened or loosened the relationsips between them:?

Tony:I do a lot of recordings now from my home studio, without seeing the other musicians. The first years of doing that, I was missing the input from other players, and also, of course, the fun of being with them. But it has become the normal way to record, and most players are used to it now - so I would say it doesn't affect the music as much as it did in the early years of it. Your question, though, is about relationships, and it does make for a big change in that. If I don't know the players (for instance, I am asked to play bass on tracks of an Italian singer, which have been completed in Italy) the fact is, I will never meet them - I won't even know who played on the track. You can see that is far different than spending a week, or even a few days together, playing music, making jokes, eating dinner together, and getting the feel of the project and of the other players. Then you have a relationship with them, and maybe look forward to playing together again. That is all lost with 'file sharing' and it's too bad. My relationship with the many players I already know is fine - unchanged - but meeting new players and sharing a bond in experiencing new music -- that's lost, at least for the way recording is going now.

TLClub: If you can bring only one musical instrument to a desert island, what would you choose? Why?

Tony:Your imagination always makes me smile. Of course, an electric instrument won't work well in this desert place (I hope there is some decent food for me!) So there goes the Stick, basses, cello ... It's clear I must choose a piano (which I love playing anyway,) and to deal with it going out of tune in the island weather, I'll fashion one of those piano tuning tools out of seashells and coconuts!

TLClub: Last summer you've started "Three of a perfect pair camp". How did it's idea come about in the first place?

Tony: it was Adrians idea (Adrian Belew) I think he was asked about doing a music camp himself, and he thought, with Pat Mastelotto and me involved, it could almost be a King Crimson camp. I was reluctant to do it (I don't teach music, and am more comfortable just playing) but gradually I realized that specifically teaching is only a small part of what the camp could offer -- more than that it was a period of sharing our musical ideas and history, in a great setting. And the people who came, it turned out, were great folks, so it was not only good for me, it was very special, eating our meals all together in a big dining tent, having 'Crimson story' sessions, jam sessions (including a big one, where I undertook to conduct the whole 70 person group of campers and band, in a giant jam) open rehearsals, Stick player hours, and - particular fun for me - hearing the stories of the musical journey of some of the campers.
So it is one of those situations that sometimes happen where you stretch your boundaries by trying something you usually don't do, and you end up growing from it.

TLClub: Is there any band or musician(s) you listen to a lot lately? Or, any CDs, other than your own, that you recommend?

Tony: Lately, it's been a quiet time for me with new music. The group I was most interested, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, has broken up - I'm interested to see what bands they will re-form into, especially Carla Keilstadt, who's solo cd's are great.
Mostly, I have been listening to jazz! I have a long range project underway, and I usually don't like talking about those until they are a reality, because plans change, and it's not fun to face years of people asking you what happened to your planned band or tour ... but I guess there's no reason for it to be secret, really.
I so enjoyed playing the cello on the CGT recording, that I re-strung it with tuning in 4ths, (so it wouldn't be so foreign to me) and started thinking about playing jazz on the cello - specifically in a small group with my brother Pete, who is a great jazz keyboardist. And I'd like to keep it to a single type of jazz - the music I grew up hearing in the '50's, which was relatively simple, with short songs, and very melodic. Well, this is a big challenge for me (another one!) since I don't play the cello real well, and I don't play jazz real well! So I've been practicing it in all my spare time, planning and hoping that in a year or so I will be able to play decently on live gigs with Pete, and then we'll aim at recording it after that. Hence (is that an okay word to understand? Maybe bettter is 'So...') So, I have been listening to records of groups like Chet Baker, and bassist Oscar Pettiford, to try to immerse myself a little in their talent, learn some lessons about phrasing, and see if I can apply those to the cello.
I trust that you, and the readers, will forgive me if it turns out that I never become good enough at jazz on the cello to actually fulfill that idea - but it is a wonderful thing about music that it can take you in different directions, and in my life I've found that it is always rewarding to follow that musical muse, no matter what the outcome.

TLClub: Thank you very much in this tough schedule!

2012年1月24日、CGTとの大阪公演終了後、Tony Levin Club of JAPANでは、トニーさんにインタビューをしました。

Tony: まずはじめに、日本のファンの皆さん、こんにちは!そして、いつも僕の関わる音楽に心を寄せて下さって、本当にありがとう。心から感謝しています。

TLClub: 今回、「アヴェマリア」を弾かれておられますが、久しぶりにクラシックをチェロで弾かれたご感想をお聞かせ下さい。

Tony: あの曲に参加を依頼された事自体、すごく嬉しいことでした。CGTは、メロディを弾いて欲しいというだけで、別にチェロでと指定はしませんでしたが、僕は明らかにベース(コントラバス)よりチェロが良い、そうすれば繰り返し部分でオクターブを変えられると思ったし、何にせよチェロは素晴らしい音色の楽器ですからね。
僕は幸運にも素晴らしいチェロを持っていまして、これは僕のNSベースと同じくNS社製です。Peter Gabrielの公演で「Signal to Noise」で使ったり、Stick ManのCDでも何曲かで使ってきましたが、今回この曲をちゃんと演奏するためには、思いっきり練習しなければなりませんでした。多分、あのシンプルなメロディーを弾くために、僕が今まで演奏したどのパートよりも練習したんじゃないでしょうか。いかに簡単におかしな演奏になってしまうか、自分でも驚かされますよ。でも一方で、全く「お仕事」ではなく、最後まで楽しんで取り組めました。そして結果にも満足しています。もちろんもっと上手く弾けたかもしれませんが、でも僕は、この非常に有名なメロディーを、自分でも恥ずかしくないようにきちんと弾ききる、そしてそれを楽しんでやる、ということを一番の目標においていましたから。

TLClub: 最近では、ミュージシャンが集まらなくても録音が出来てしまいますが、ミュージシャン同士の繋がりが薄まったりすることはないのでしょうか?

Tony: 今は、自分のホームスタジオで、他のミュージシャンの顔も見ずに録音作業をすることがしばしばです。そういうやり方を始めた最初の数年は、他のミュージシャンからの意見や刺激が無いことや、当然、色んな楽しみが無いことが物足りませんでした。しかしこの方法が常識となり、殆どの演奏者がそれに慣れてしまった今、以前ほどは音楽に影響しなくなったと言えると思います。

TLClub: もしも、無人島に楽器をひとつだけ持って行けるとしたら、何を持って行かれますか?

Tony: 君の想像力には何時も思わず微笑んでしまいます。もちろん無人島では、電気系の楽器は使えないですよね。(まともな食料はあって欲しいと思いますが !)と言うわけでStickもベースもチェロもだめとなると、はっきり言ってピアノしかありません。(もともとピアノを弾くのは大好き。)そして島の気候で調律が狂う事に対処するため、貝殻と椰子の実で調律器具を拵えることにしましょう!

TLClub: 去年から始まった「Three of a perfect pair」campは、最初どのようなきっかけでやることになったのでしょうか?

Tony: これはエイドリアン(Adrian Belew)のアイデアだったんです。確か、彼にミュージック・キャンプをやらないかという提案をした人があって、それだったらPat Mastelottoと僕を巻き込めば、ほぼKing Crimsonキャンプになるぞと思いついたという事。僕は最初乗り気じゃなかったんです(僕は音楽教師じゃなくて、ひたすら演奏してるほうが気楽だから。)が、教えるという部分はこのキャンプのごく一部に過ぎず、何よりメインは僕らの音楽性や体験を、素晴らしい環境の中で、みんなと分かち合う事なんだと思いはじめたんです。そして結果的に、参加してくれた人達は素敵な人ばっかりで、僕にとっては、単にやって良かったという程度ではなくて、大きな食堂テントでみんなで食事をしたり、クリムゾン話で盛り上がったり、ジャムセッション(参加者やバンドメンバー合わせて70人全員での巨大なジャムで、僕が指揮者役をやったこともありました。)、公開リハーサル、スティック奏者の時間とか、あと僕が特に楽しかったのは参加者の何人かが自分の音楽遍歴を話してくれたことであったりとか、全くもって他に例えようのない体験になりました。 いわば、普段自分がしないような事に挑戦することによって、自分の殻を破って、成長することが出来るという一例ですね。

TLClub: 最近よく聴くバンドはありますか?またはご自分の作品以外でお薦めのCDはありますか。

Tony: 最近、新しい音楽については全く聞いていない状態です。一番興味のあったグループ、Sleepytime Gorilla Museumは解散してしまって、どんなバンドに再編成して出てくるのか、特に素晴らしいソロCDを出しているCarila Keilstatがどうなるか、気にして待っています。
CGTとの録音でチェロを弾いたのがあまりにも楽しかったので、(僕にとってちょっとでも違和感のないように)改めて4度のチューニングで弦を張り直して、このチェロでジャズを弾く、具体的には素晴らしい鍵盤奏者である兄のPeteを入れた小さなグループで、ということを考え始めています。さらに僕はある特定の種類のジャズ、50年代にそれを聞いて育った、比較的シンプルで短い、とてもメロディックな音楽に拘りたいと思っています。まあこれは僕にとって(またもや)大きな挑戦です。というのは、僕はチェロが上手くないし、ジャズだって上手くないからです。そんなわけでいつも暇があると練習したり、計画を練ったりして、一年かそこらあればある程度は弾けるようになって、Peteと共にライブでやり、その後レコーディングを目指せないかと思っています。さすれば(こんな言葉分かる?「そこで」のほうが良いかな。)そこで、この頃はChet Bakerとか、ベーシストのOscar Pettifordとかのグループのレコードを聴いて、彼らの才能に浸り、フレージングから何かを学び取って、僕のチェロ演奏に応用出来ないかと思っています。
TLClub: お疲れのところ、本当にありがとうございました。



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2012年1月24日(火)大阪ビルボードライブ、25日(水)東京ビルボードライブで、カリフォルニア・ギター・トリオとの公演があります。 詳しくは、ビルボード・ライブ大阪ビルボード・ライブ東京をチェックして下さい。


1月にトニーさんと共に来日するCalifornia Guitar Trioの新作CD「Masterworks」が届きました。このアルバムはBach,Barber, Beethoven, Part,Schubert,Rossini,Vivaldiの作品を非常に美しく演奏しています。全11曲中3曲でトニーさんも参加(BachとSchubert)。iTunesAmazonでダウンロード販売もしています。是非!




Peter Chilversのアルバム、"SLOW ELECTRIC"にベースとスティックで2曲参加しています。
Peter Chilversは以前にブライアン・イーノと一緒にiPhoneアプリのあのBloomを作った人で、更に最近新作のTropeもリリース。素晴らしいAppです。


◆新プロジェクト、LEVIN/TORN/WHITE が9月13日リリース

更に、iTunes でもダウンロード販売されています。

A collaborative beatdown of original progressive rock instrumentals by three legendary musicians:
Tony Levin - Bass and Chapman Stick
David Torn - Guitar and Textural Events
Alan White (from YES) - Drums and Percussion

Levin - Torn - White is sure to be appreciated by fans of King Crimson, Torn’s wild guitar work and classic Yes. The album, one year in the making, was recorded in Seattle, WA, Woodstock, NY & New Plymouth, New Zealand. It is produced by Scott Schorr and Tony Levin for Lazy Bones Recordings.



King Crimson ProjeKctについてですが、実は僕は発売について何も聞いていないんです。でも、あの曲のベースパートの演奏は気に入っていますし、Robertも気に入ってくれたのは分かっています。



◆A King Crimson ProjeKct 新作リリース

本日(6月4日)当Tony Levin Club of Japan総本部に、Robert Fripp、Mel Collins、Jakko Jakszyk、Tony Levin、Gavin Harrisonらからなる、A King Crimson ProjeKctの新作、A Scarcity Of Miracles(CD+DVDバージョン)が到着しました。





◆Stick Men ブエノスアイレス公演オフィシャルブートレッグ リリース!

Stick Menの南アメリカツァーでの、ブエノスアイレス公演オフィシャルブートレッグがダウンロード販売開始しました。
お買い上げはこちらをクリックして下さい。また、 上のアルバムジャケット画像からも販売ページにリンクしています。
     1. Indiscipline 10:01
     2. Smudge 05:39
     3. Slow Glide 14:16
     4. Hands 08:31
     5. Vrooom Vrooom 05:20
     6. Crack In The Sky 05:34
     7. Soup 05:42
     8. Red 06:28

アルゼンチンのブエノスアイレスでの、Teatro ND Ateneoにおいて行われたStick Menの公演の中から、8曲が選ばれています。公演日は2011年3月13日で、リハーサルの中からと、2曲はライブでのミキシング卓から直接録音されたものです。

◆Stick Men New EP リリース!


Stick Menの新作EPがダウンロード販売を開始しました。
以下の曲をそれぞれ試聴する事も出来て、一括販売で代金は8ユーロ(以上)。 以上というのが面白いですね。

     1. Absalom
     2. Smudge
     3. Big Dog
     4. Crack In The Sky
     5. Time's Insane Ashes
     6. Pomegranate

     released 12 March 2011
     Tony Levin: Chapman Stick
     Pat Mastelotto: Drums
     Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars U8

◆トニー・レヴィン インタビュー

米国のBass Frontiers誌のwebsiteにトニーさんのビデオインタビューが11月2日付けで掲載されています。

以下、Bass Frontiersのウェブサイトのキャプションから引用…
「ベース奏者が”プログレッシブロック”というものを密かに考える時、Tony Levinはほとんど最初に心に浮かんできます。Tony LevinはこれまでPeter Gabriel、King Crimson、Liquid Tension Experiment、そしてBozzio, Levin, & Stevensなどに関わって来ました。更に、もし4時間ほどでもロックのラジオ局を聞いていたなら、きっとTony Levinのベースを耳にすることでしょう。
沢山のプログレッシブロックバンドの重要なメンバーであったことに加えて、Levinはこの40年間ファーストコールのセッション/ツァープレイヤーで居続けています。その中にはPaul Simon, John Lennon, Stevie Nicks, Pink Floyd, Peter Frampton, James Taylor, Gary Burton, Buddy Rich, そして Cherなどが含まれています。

Bass Frontier誌のチーフエディターのDave Fowlerは、以下のように言っています。
『彼はこれまで多くのアーティストたちと演奏したりレコーディングをしてきたけれど、僕がTonyの演奏を知ったのは、King CrimsonやPeter Gabrielなどプログレッシブロックのパイオニアとしてのものでした。その頃は、ベーシストとしてTonyが僕に途方もない影響を及ぼすことになるだろうことは知りませんでした。彼のユニークなアプローチとスタイルは彼を素晴らしい演奏家たらしめ、僕の意見では彼は偉大なミュージシャンの標だと思います。彼の音はまた一度聞けば忘れがたく、Music Man Stingrayで世界中の人々をうならせ続けてるんです!
ホテルの彼の部屋に座って彼の話を聞くのはすごくクールな体験でした。僕にとってのヒーローに会うのはいつでも一大事です。沢山の人が偉大なTony Levinとのビデオインタビューをご覧になって欲しいと思います。』



◆トニー・レヴィン インタビュー

2010年6月6日、Stick Men大阪公演終了後、Tony Levin Club of JAPANでは、トニーさんにインタビューをしました。


Tony Levin Interview

Club: 1. You recorded a Classical music (the Firebird Suite) for the first time. Is this something you would continue to do in the future?

Tony: The Firebird was a big challenge for us. First, to decide which of the many sections to try to play, then to 'figure out' something of the harmonies! (The orchestral music is not just chords and melody, like rock - it's contrapuntal voices, many of them, moving in different ways -- so I wanted to keep some of the voices, but with only two Sticks playing them, we needed to be sure to imply the whole harmony.) (Okay, I cheated, and in some sections there are more than two Sticks playing lines on the recording!) Then, the big challenge to adapt the sections I chose for the Sticks. The intention was not just to manage to play the music, but to adapt it to our kind of sound and our kind of energy. Some sections on the recording aren't really Stravinsky at all ... just our impression of what went on in a section. (And I recorded a 5th movement that didn't make it onto the recording.) Anyway, after we recorded it, I was very happy with the result - but then came another challenge - playing it live! So it's been quite an adventure for us.

Now, what are the plans for more Classical? Well, we do have it in mind as a possibility, but there is no choice yet. Moussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition would be perfect, but it's been done, famously, by ELP, so we would be thought of as copying them. Pat has mentioned the sound track of the film "Psycho", which is somewhat Classical, and pretty cool music. We'll see. The Firebird was pretty unique in that it has lots of great melodies, challenging harmonies, and powerful sections that can sound like a heavy rock band.

2.If so, can you tell us which work you would like to do or already have in your mind?

I'm not sure whether that refers to Stick Men, or to me. My hope is to continue touring a lot with Stick Men, and to eventually get started on our next release (though it's likely there will first be a live album.) If King Crimson or Peter Gabriel plans something, I will try to find a way to work that in as a priority, and have Stick Men go on tour in some other time. Then there are other projects - the L'Image band has a tour in the Fall. I will go to New Zealand with California Guitar Trio in August - it's always fun with them. And sometime in the next two years I want to release another solo album. Also, I am (very slowly) compiling a book of my lyrics and poetry. Hopefully I can finish that project before I'm too old to read it!!

3.In an interview that you did in Japan before, you said that someone you would like to play with was Joni Mitchell. You still think so or is there someone else now?

I have said Joni Mitchell, and Jimi Hendrix(!) in interviews before. Of course, there are lots of great musicians and great artists who I would love to play bass with. If I will choose one right now, I'll say Carla Kihlstedt.

4.What would you like to be, if you can start a new life? And why?

Probably like most people my age, I feel that it's taken me so long to find out what I now know about life, I wouldn't want to go back and start over! So, though it doesn't exactly answer the question, I will point out that I am very aware now how lucky I am to be able to play special music for a life's work. And to join up with great players to do what we love to do. There were conflicts when I was younger, with new relationships, and then with my young daughter needing me at home - but now Maggie is 25 and very happily creating things on her own in New York City - and my wife is happy to have me out of the house a bit(!) So, it's a great time, health permitting, to travel a lot and play the music I love for people who want to hear it. I can't think of something better I could plan to get from life if I were to start over.

5.Can you share with us any word, phrase, or idea that you like, or you think important or beautiful?

I have plenty! I keep a notebook handy to write song and poem ideas... and I'm always jotting down short phrases in my laptop too... so here is something short, from the laptop:

The world is a strange place - wondrous, but complicated and perverse.
If the world is a fruit, it's not an apple that you can just take a bite out of, it's a pomegranite. Bite into that!

my luggage has gone ahead by van, so I don't have my main notebook, but here's something from my small pad:.

When we improvise we are hunting, with our musical bows and arrows.
Hunting not for musical notes, but for moments of meaning.
The nature of that quarry can't be described by our languages, but it is real.
And everyone - players and audience, knows when something significant has been captured.
We understand it's meaning, in our bodies, in our tribal mind - and we share it's bounty.

6.Any word, phrase of idea that you dislike?

When I worked with Seal, I heard him say, a couple of times, "I hate that... No. I don't hate. I don't hate anything" Maybe I don't have the words quite right, but I was left with a lasting idea that the word 'hate' is not something I want to use about my own experience.

7.Who was the most influential person in your life?

Only when my father died did I begin to realize, in retrospect, how much his approach to creativity and the arts had influenced me. There have been many people who were big musical inspirations to me, but because my fathers influence was from the beginning, I'd say his was the biggest for me.

8.We know that you have travelled around the world many times now. Is there any secret for staying healthy during a long tour?

Hah, this made me laugh, because I'm very aware how much harder touring becomes when you're not healthy. I've been very lucky this year, with a packed schedule, not to pick up any problems. Alas, I have no secret. Lucky to have chosen to stop eating meat a long time ago, I think that helps stay a good weight and low fat diet. I know some road musicians who recommend a lot of vitamin C, which seems to work well -- myself, I only begin taking it if I feel something coming on. Excersize; it's ironic that I excercize a lot when home - but on the road, where I really need it, it's hard to find the time and gym to do it - so I'm always recovering, when back home, from getting out of shape on the road.

9.Of all the countries you have visited, what countries do you like best?

I like all the experience of travelling -- new places have become very special after all these years of seeing the same places. You should understand that when we tour with a band, we don't get to really see a place, there's no time. So my impression comes from the people I happen to meet, and the airports and trains, and from the food! Of course it's much easier for us in countries that have some non- meat food. So Germany is difficult, and Spain. Japan easy. And Italy, in my opinion, has the best food, and the most beautiful language.

10.Any new instrument you are interested now?

No new instruments on my horizon. Actually I am missing the bass! I've been playing so much with Stick Men, on just Chapmen Stick, that I've played my bass very little this year. That will change, I suppose. And I am enjoying exploring the many many things you can try on the Stick. As much as I've played in and practiced it, something new and challenging is always presenting itself (if only I can practice MORE!)

Last question. When you go to heaven, what would you like to be told by God?

Well ...
I think God would say "You were wrong, I'm here!"
"Can you play bass on a track for me?"
"I TOLD you you were drinking too many espressos."
"You're just in time, John's about to go out on tour. To the other place!"

Thank you so much. We hope that you keep on making lots of good music in studios and live. Please take good care of you.





この質問は僕個人のことか、Stick Menとしてか、判断しにくいけれど・・・僕としてはStick Menとしてもっとツアーを続けて、そこから次のアルバム作成につないで行きたいですね。(多分まずライブアルバムが先になりますが。)もしKing CrimsonやPeter Gabrielの方で動きが出てきたら、そちらを優先する道を探っていって、Stick Menのツアーはそれ以外の時間にまわす事になると思います。それ以外にもプロジェクトがあって、秋にはL'Imageのツアーですし、8月にはCalifornia Guitar Trioとニュージーランドへ行くのを楽しみにしてます。そして今後2年間にソロアルバムを一枚出したいとも思っています。それから僕は(実にゆっくりとではありますが)僕の書いた歌詞や詩を一冊の本にまとめています。なんとか僕が年老いて、読書が出来なくなるまでには仕上げたいですね。


以前のインタビューではJoni MitchellとかJimi Hendrix(!)の名前を挙げてました。勿論、ベーシストとして共演してみたい偉大なミュージシャンやアーチストは山ほど居ますが、今もし一人だけ選ぶとすれば、Carla Kihlstedtでしょうか。

















僕の知る限りでは特にありません。実は今、Stick MenでずっとChapmen Stickしか弾いていないので、ベースが恋しいんです。今年はほとんど弾いてませんからね。まあ、これからは違うでしょうけど。それと今、Stickを使って色〜んな新しいことをやってみるのが楽しいですね。これまで嫌っていうほど弾いたり練習したりした楽器ですが、まだまだ新しいチャレンジを発見しています。(ただもっと練習時間があれば!)








Hi! Tony. Welcome to JAPAN!

Stick Men日本ツァーの大阪公演に、Tony Levin Club of JAPAN 総本部と関西支部のメンバーが聞きに行きました。ちょうど6月6日はトニーさんの誕生日ということで、公演後のサイン会のあとで会場でトニーさんを囲んで、小さな、でもとても暖かいバースディーパーティーに参加することができました。


King Crimsonの大ファンだというミシェルさんに、King Crimsonのメンバー2人と共演することにプレッシャーは無いか、と尋ねたところ、言下に「No!」と言い切ってました。さすが。


Tony Levin Club of JAPANがツィッターを始めました!を是非フォローしてみて下さい。

↑Tony Levin Club of JAPAN サイト内検索

Tony Levin Club FAQ:

Q)Beyond the Bass Clefの日本語版は出版されるのですか?

Q)Funk Fingerが欲しくて、パパベアのサイトを調べても売っていないのですが・・・
以前販売していたものの写真やサイズをFunk Finger全解剖ページに掲載しました。何人かの方がこれを参考に作っておられます。

Tony Levin Club of JAPAN site : since May 28 1996


著作権について:このサイトに掲載されている、引用であるとお断りした部分以外のすべての文章と CD、レコードジャケット写真以外のすべての画像は、トニー・レビン・クラブ・オブ・ジャパンが著作権を 保持しています。すべてのコンテンツの引用・無断掲載はお断りいたします。
また特に、ロード・ダイアリーや関連ページなど、彼のオリジナルサイトを翻訳したコンテンツは トニー・レビン氏に著作権があります。
DGMサイトにある、California Guitar TrioのPaul Richards氏による日記の翻訳とその掲載については、 Paul Richards氏から許諾を得ています。この文章の著作権はPaul Richards氏、およびトニー・レビン・クラブ・オブ・ジャパンが 保持しています。また、該当ページのすべての画像は、DGMの許諾なしに二次使用は認められておりません。 無断での引用・掲載を堅くお断りいたします。
また、このサイトにある雑誌の引用部分は、該当出版社に既に使用許可を頂いております。 引用を快く認めてくださった方々に深く感謝します。